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When I first started my business at 20, I put my entire savings into it, going all in with my passion. I knew I had to make it work; there was no other choice—I had literally put all my money in.

But then something incredible happened—I not only made back my initial investment but also generated over $100,000 in just 4 months! From that moment, I knew from the start that my money mindset, strategies and systems were unheard of in business.

Now reaching my all time biggest financial day in my business generating $265,000 in 24 hours.


In this course I breakdown the EXACT formula I used to generate over 100k in 4 months. I walk you through the process and create the systems you need within your business to ensure you can achieve the success you dream of.

Lets create that dream life together!


2020 - The beginning of COVID. I was working full time in early childhood,I then lost my financial "security" during covid.Ineeded to build my own financial secuirty which lead me to researching business ideas. I came across the incredible benefits of the cosmetic teeth whitening industry and it all started from there


2021 -Within 4 months of taking my business full time I generated $100,000. Later down the track then began expanding into the product wholesaling and the education industry, filling all thegaps within the industry and focused on adding value & providing solutions


I have now generated a 7 figure+ beauty business. Changing peoples perspectives on financial security & entrepreneurship through coaching & mentoring. Travelling the world, living my dream life, and have massive plans ahead.

It's all up to you weather you expand and grow... or contract and stay small. Expand with me in this course!

Mastering Revenue Growth

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This course is a game-changer!

"Thanks to the practical strategies and insights I gained from the course, I've been able to increase my profitability and feel more confident in my financial decisions. If you're looking to take your beauty business to the next level, this course is a game-changer!"


This course completely transformed my approach

"I can't recommend the Mastering Revenue Online course enough! As a beauty business owner, I've always struggled with managing my finances and maximizing my revenue. But this course completely transformed my approach. The modules were comprehensive yet easy to follow, and the resources provided were incredibly helpful. "


Professional growth is now next level

I recently completed the Mastering Revenue online course, and it has been a transformative experience for both my personal and professional growth. This course is exceptionally well-structured, covering every critical aspect of revenue management in a clear and concise manner.


Flexibility !!!

The flexibility of the online format was a significant advantage. I could progress through the material at my own pace, which was crucial given my busy schedule. The resources provided, including video tutorials, downloadable templates, instant strategy implementations and recommended education tools were next level! Could not recommend this course enough